The Nolly Awards

The Nolly Awards recognise professionals from various disciplines across Nollywood; from Directors and Actors to Make up Artistes and Sound Designers, that contribute to the success of globally renowned movies reflecting Nigeria’s vast and diverse cultural heritage. At Nolly Awards, we are dedicated to recognising and rewarding these talents. There is a need to give back to ‘our own’ and encourage its continued growth and influence across the world.

Since our inauguration in 2012, we have worked diligently to recognise over 400 nominees and award over 70 recipients across 26 categories for their outstanding contributions to the industry with accreditation from the Actors Guild of Nigeria, Directors Guild of Nigeria, Association of Movie Producers and Creative Designers Guild of Nigeria.

As it is often said, ‘Charity begins at home’. With The Nolly Awards we aim to continually support our film industry; an industry with a rich history, a strong message and a promising future. Once described as ‘Nigeria’s own Oscars’ based on our impeccable credibility, we continue to work hard to maintain our tradition of excellence and social impact.

Our Origins

Our work in enhancing the image of Nollywood industry internationally started in January 2008 through our parent company, Nollywood Movies Ltd. As the first ever 24 hour movie channel showing the best Nollywood titles in English and Yoruba across the UK, Nollywood Movies channel has led a global appreciation for our rich culture and heritage.

We are currently on the two largest digital network platforms, Sky 329 and Virgin Media 835, with this Nollywood Movies aims to increase recognition and investment for the film industry as a whole.

Our Vision

Our vision is to incentivise growth in Nollywood by maintaining a credible brand that fosters healthy competition and drives production levels to global heights. Our key objectives are:-

  • Support the industry in the diaspora by promoting our culture and content
  • Encourage fairness in content acquisition and promote interest of creators within the Industry
  • Encourage and Promote quality production in Nollywood
  • Celebrate pioneers by creating a platform that recognises talent and that attracts investors

Core Values

In line with our vision and key goals, we keep our core values at the heart of everything we do, building a culture that engenders

  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Quality
  • Accountability
  • Excellence

Our Process

Process (it takes 5)

  1. Call for Submission
  2. First Round of Assessments
  3. Nominees Announcement
  4. Final Round of Assessments
  5. Award Event

Call for submission

The Nolly Awards season kicks off with a call for submission 6 months before the event, inviting Nigerian movies made within the last twelve months.

First Round Assessments

Movies are uploaded to be viewed by the Panel. First round adjudication is completed within six weeks. Shortlisted movies are announced two months before the event

Nominees Announcement

The list of Nominees across the 26 categories is released through National Press


Shortlisted Nominees list is resubmitted for the final round of voting by the Panel.

Awards Night

The results are broadcast live on national & international stations and selected streaming platforms.